City Uncovered - issue 32

I am proud to inform you that in Athens, for the first time, Goethe institute and BIOS has come up to an agreement for a wonderful show about gender, called GENDERPOP FESTIVAL. City Uncovered is media sponsor and we urge you people to attend it. The festival ends on 06th april.

As we talk about gender we couldn't do anything less than contact Risk Hazekamp the dutch photographer that lives and works now in Berlin. Her amazing photos and her words are basically the main article in this issue.

Additionally we have reports and latest news concerning the new proposal of the greek ministry of justice to study a new law about homosexual couples (not civil marriage yet) and of course the great reactions grom the church, conservative circles and also from the gay lesbian organizations who deny anything less than civil marriage.

You may also find our proposals for books, cinema, theatre, exhibitions, clubs, restaurant, events, saunas and cruising. If you are lucky enough to read greek, tell us your point of view: info@cityuncovered.gr

10% magazine's page is always with us.

Take care till the following edition!

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