City Uncovered - issue 43

New live cd released by Stamatis Kraounakis and his interview is in the newspaper, on our 43rd issue. Read also:
Comments on the new law proposal brought to the greek parliament by Greek minister of justice, mr.Chatzigakis, which excludes homosexual couples from the civil partnership.
A report about the economical crisis written by Isabella Konstantinidou.
All our regular columns!
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City Uncovered - issue 42

Greek gay readers and lesbians can now enjoy the new issue of city uncovered. Ready to be distributed on coming Friday. Read in our pages:
1. Interview from two parliament members, mrs Damanaki from PASOK and mr Korovesis from SIRIZA. Read their point of view about LGBT developments.
2. We have also interviewed Dondu Kilitch under the opportunity of her film "The other side of Istanbul" that was showed during the Athens film festival.
All our regular columns, information about events, theatre, cinema, music, exhibitions. Athens and Thessaloniki gay guide, personals and as always 10%'s page.


City Uncovered - issue 41

Autumn is here for good!
We present two reports about film festivals (one in Athens and one in Patras) for the following days.
Additionally there is a report in english about the biggest summer dance event that took place in Barcelona, Circuit festival.
If you think that vacations are not over yet, check out our ideas about travelling to Andros island for the weekend.
Also you may find in our pages: politics, theatre, music, conserts, gay guide, gay personal, health and gay mag 10%'s page.


City Uncovered - issue 40

coming back from summer vacations, issue 40 dedicates the cover page to our greek and european bear friends and their admirers!
Read also:
a) foto report about summer events with pictures that you have sent us!
b) report from the european games for the lgbt in Barcelona.
c) history of the outing practice.
d) full scheduled activities for the women's festival in Eresos.
proposals for theatre, cinema, tv, dvd, galleries, music, concerts. Check out our gay city guide, dating and as always the full page of the e-magazine: 10%.
All the best for the autumn coming!


City Uncovered - issue 39

This is our last issue for the summertime period!
a) Report about Eresos, written by Marianthi Lianou
b) Tessie Spilioti interview to Panos Mihail
c) Complete written desicion of the greek court about the word Lesbian and its use to define sexual orientation
d) proposals for cinema, theatre, dance, tv, concerts, dance events, new releases in cd albums.
e) Athens gay guide / pin ups
f) As always the page of the online greek magazine "10%"
See you all in September! Till then enjoy the rest of summer holidays!!


City Uncovered - issue 37

Presenting the new forum: hiv.humanism.gr!
Interviewing the famous Greek electro composer, Nikko Patrelakis and presenting his last work, called "Echo".
First report about bisexuality.
Developements on the gay marriage issue in Greece and California.
Greek gay guide.

City Uncovered - issue 36

After pride issue: The Glitterbanditz in our cover page!
Athens Pride was really a success, 2500 people marching and more than 4000 have passed Klathmonos square during the party.

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Previous cover pages
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